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Go Beyond Email Marketing,
Automate & Grow with LeadsEngage.

Smart, modern email marketing automation software to create personalized 1-on-1
interactions at scale, increase conversions and help you grow faster.

Pricing: We offer the best ever deal for email marketing automation on the planet.

We don't have multiple plans, we don't charge you for contacts, we don't have hidden discount for annual plans, we don't charge for onboarding/training. Our pricing is simple, has everything included, easy to understand with zero hidden charges. You pay fixed monthly charges and focus on growing your contacts rather than worrying about increasing monthly charges.

Unlimited Contacts & All Features in One Plan

We offer you the best email marketing automation platform that has all features and unlimited contacts. Yes you can add all your contacts and start nurturing without worrying about the list size. Also you get all features in single plan and we are working hard to bring more features that are available with other products. Enjoy the growth of your list and don't overpay again.

Flexible & Best Email Deliverability

We offer solution where you can bring your own email service provider or use our service without any integration hassles. Are you a marketing pro with technical expertise, use our Engage plan where you save a lot on email cost and have control over deliverability, reputation, etc. Else do you want a solution that works without any additional integration use Engage Pro plan that comes with lot of free email credits are has best managed email deliverability.

Visual Customer Journey Builder

Enterprise Level Workflow Automation & Visual Customer Journey Builder Features that are available in selected high cost enterprise software.

Automation is future of marketing and hence over used by marketers. To succeed in today's digital world you need advanced automation, customer journey or funnel builder. Most cheap software don't have these features and hence not affordable to small, medium businesses. LeadsEngage provides you one of the best workflow automation interface and we are constantly improving the same to match the best of the world. Why to think if you can get advanced marketing automation software for the cost of old school email marketing system.

The best support team always at your service

We're committed to making your experience with our software truly awesome. Our super-friendly and competent support team will go out of their way to help you via chat or by email. For free.

We also have handy Helps Docs for self-support, available 24/7.

Everything Needed for you Email Marketing Success

You don't spray your emails and pray for results. Send right message to right person at right time to get best conversions.

Email Campaigns

Drag & Drop Editor
Rich Text Editor
Custom HTML Editor
Free Responsive Email Templates
Built-in Photo Editing
File Manager

Marketing Automation

Email Drip Sequences
Visual Journey Builder
Goals, Events Automation
Conditional Email Auto Resend
Deliverability Booster
Email A/B Testing

Lead Tracking

Website Tracking
Email Tracking
Lead Scoring
Conditional Segmentation
Lists, Tags Management
Lead Personalizations

Grow Leads

Embedded Forms
Smart Forms
Intent Popup (Coming Soon)
Landing Pages (Coming Soon)

Track Results

Subscriber Growth
Email Metrics
Opens, Clicks by Hour
Opens, Clicks by Location
Hard, Soft Bounces
Marketing Conversions


Developer API
100's of Native Integrations
(Coming Soon)

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