How to Improve Your Email Open Rates

Open rates are the important aspect of email marketing. The most important messages are of no use if no one opens your emails. One of the most important aspect to improve your open rates are attractive subject lines. We’ll also take a look at best practices to get more people to open your emails.

First, let’s cover the do’s and don’ts of subject lines

Email marketing Do n dont

Don’t use ALL CAPS.

This triggers spam filters and can cause your emails to get filtered to the spam folder.

Do keep it below 71 characters.

There’s a lot of debate around the ideal length for a subject line. Most experts agree that you should stay under 71 characters. However, I’ve found that the most-opened subject lines are between 50 and 65 characters. There are exceptions for when a shorter subject line can be very effective (a few words or less), but I encourage you to test this with your audience.

Do review your subject line on a mobile phone before sending.

Awkward or inappropriate phrases can display if a mobile phone cuts off a subject line at the wrong place. It can also remove the part of your subject line that’s really going to get people to open! To ensure this doesn’t happen, send yourself a test of your email and review it on a mobile phone.

Don’t mislead your subscribers.

While you may be tempted to say something wild or irrelevant in your subject line to get more subscribers to open your email, this is a bad tactic. Subscribers often feel annoyed by misleading subject lines, which can lead them to unsubscribe from your list or mark your email as spam.

Now, try these other strategies to improve your open rates

Ways to Improve Email Rates

Understand best time/days of open

Review your past campaign reports and find the open rates with time. A specific segment of your clients may be active at 04:00 to 05:00 PM and sending campaigns at that time yields you best results. Likewise, you can review the device used, days and accordingly structure your campaigns

Resend unopened emails

Marketing research shows that open rates increase by whopping 60% if the same message is sent to clients who haven’t opened your messages for the first time.

Ask a question

Through research, I’ve found that subject lines that include a frequently asked question can score open rates 26 percent above average. To find the questions your audience is asking, talk with them at events, survey them or see what they’re saying about your industry on social media sites.

Mention pain points

Your subscribers struggle with certain challenges related to your industry. If your subject line talks about one of these problems and offers the resolution inside of the email, your subscribers may be more likely to open it.

Talk about the benefits

Instead of talking about features or bland information, write about the benefits subscribers will get from the content within your email.

Incite curiosity

Leveraging curiosity in your subject line is one of the best ways to boost open rates. To do this, hint at the content of your email in your subject line. For example, your subject line could be something like, The answer to [______] is inside this email. Just fill in the blank with a common question your audience asks.

Include their first name.

I’ve seen significant increases in open rates just by including a subscriber’s first name in the subject line. Your email marketing platform can help you do this through personalization fields.

LeadsEngage helps you to improve your open rates by automating the email sequence, A/B testing subject lines and personalizing the email contents.