7 tips to improve your email marketing performance in 2018

There are many ways to improve email marketing performance. The top 7 ways according to us are as follows


1. Create an attractive subject line

The subject line is the number one thing a customer sees on any email. If you haven’t tested and optimized yours, you’re missing a lot in your campaign performance. A/B testing isn’t just for websites and landing pages — it’s essential for email marketing as well. Aim for a casual and personal opening line, and test, review, test, review and move forward.

2. Write to one person

People like personalization. an email will most probably be opened, clicked if it is addressed to an individual than a generic marketing message. Use recipient’s first name in the opening message and write an email as you are personally talking to him. Plain text emails are more welcome than HTML newsletters.

3. Write quality content

Nothing beats a quality content. People love to learn new things and get relevant updates. Write useful content either to educate your audience or to offer them a real deal that makes their life easy. People hate standard marketing messages as they see 100 such messages daily.

4. Avoid getting hit by spam filters

Email filters are sophisticated to detect spam messages. Sometimes genuine business communication also becomes spam due to wrong use of words. Subject lines with Free, Sale, deal are a typical red flag for spam filters. Also, email content with too much of offer, buy now, click here messages are considered spam. Write personal, engaging text message and give a simple CTA button at the bottom to get a better score and to beat spam filters.

5. Optimize for mobile devices

The world is increasingly becoming mobile. Over 60 percent of mobile users check their email or more times every day. If your email isn’t optimized for mobile devices, irrespective of how important your message is, folks won’t have the ability to browse it. Ensure readers can finish their preferred actions such as enrolling in a training or completing a buy in one click.

6. Power of A/B Testing

No marketer can claim to be writing perfect email content. What is perfect itself varies based on client segment. The only way to improve your email marketing performance is to constantly test your email subjects, contents and see the open/click rate engagements. You will get a pattern of best-performing messages, you should replicate the success stories and get rid of poor performers.

7. Engagement Analytics has the key to success

Most marketers are busy in designing good newsletters, sending automation campaigns, but hardly spend time in reviewing the campaign performance. A good email marketing software allows you to get all interesting stats to improve your email marketing. You can understand your customer’s behaviour and draft campaigns accordingly.

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