7 Common mistakes of Email Marketing

The seven most common email marketing mistakes


1. Under or Over Personalization

When you want to grow your subscribers, you need automated mailing system but at the same time, you need personalized communication to maintain healthy open/click rates. Clients are smart and they just will learn whether you’re sending an automatic message or handcrafted message.   If you’re able to understand the client’s behaviour and expectation you’ll be able to send a personalized message which will look like a hand typed message but nevertheless goes from an automatic workflow.

Overpersonlization backfires when you address a wrong person, send an irrelevant message. Better take the middle path of optimal personalization.

2. Sending emails without testing

There is a wide gamut of devices on the market. Clients use different browsers, devices, languages. Make sure you test your message before sending them to your list. You can’t test all possibility, hence select a template that is tested for mobile responsive behaviour. Ensure links work, pictures are loaded properly (once consent was granted), also there aren’t any grammar and punctuation error.  Then, concentrate on the way the message is displayed across the various email apps.

3. Not optimizing Subject lines & sender ID

The secret to the achievement of an email campaign resides with just two frequently overlooked components: sender and subject.  They are absolutely crucial in the receiver’s choice to start or not open a message. To begin with, they will need to understand you (who the sender is).  Second, you have to convey the message is a fascinating one. A topic that states that talks about previous customer interaction will draw more clicks than the usual typical robotic topic line.

4. Mishandling unsubscribes

Your clients will need to have the ability to unsubscribe with at the most two clicks, without needing to be given a confirmation message, and without needing to input the email address which they’re a password to log in to an account.  Making it hard for recipients to unsubscribe may only have one result: they’ll complain by marking your message as junk or blocking you as a sender. As numerous recipients take these activities, your sender standing will start to deteriorate, along with your deliverability will suffer. Your messages will begin getting delivered right to the spam folder, or not sent in any way.

5. Ignoring Mobile Devices

Over 60 percent of mobile users check their email or more times every day. If your email isn’t optimized for mobile devices, irrespective of how important your message is, folks won’t have the ability to browse it. Ensure readers can finish their preferred actions such as enrolling in a training or completing a buy in one click.

6. Ignoring Reports & Analytics

Email marketing is an art that evolves over time. You need to understand the response, behaviour, actions of your customers to improve your marketing campaigns. Specifically Open, Click, Unsubscribe, Bounce rates give you important info.

The Open Rate is generally influenced by the sender/subject mix, and from the trust-based connection which you’ve created with the client over time.  The Click Rate (inside opened messages) is a fantastic index of the quality of the content, the potency of this “call to action”, and also the value of this message to all those special recipients.  Tracking statistics over time can allow you to anticipate possible problems, profile receivers, find the ideal time and frequency to your mailings, and also monitor the proportion of active vs. inactive clients.

7. Underestimating the need for an email marketing system

Few people feel that they can simply use an email client and send bulk emails to customers in bcc.  Yes, that works in case your contact base is less than 100 and that’s the raw manner of communicating.  Sending a message from BCC to a high number of recipients contributes to errors, is slow, doesn’t allow for any modification, and is obstructed by many suppliers, many recipients may realize the message is part of a badly implemented mass mailing.

The most important aspect of email marketing system is that the software handles the email delivery part. The software handles all the technical stuff such as IP pooling, DKIM records, Spam check, CAN-SPAM compliance and many more.

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